TenkeiKobo CS17 Cars 2 2D-3D.

Photos were posted on 09 Jan 2011 at 09:09AM

TenkeiKobo CS17 Cars 2 2D-3D.

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TenkeiKobo CS17 Cars 2 2D-3D.


  1. Comment by Bavithra Bavithra

    Angie Walker - Shaun, We love the photos so much. We had a great time and I aaipecrpte your patience with Trinity. I know she can be a handful sometimes and can be hard to photograph, trust me, I know, I've been taking pictures of her for 8 years now :-), but by allowing her to be herself you were able to get some amazing photos! You are a truly gifted photographer and we will treasure our photos and the experience forever. We will most certainly be calling you when we plan to have more taken. Thanks again!

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  4. Comment by Julien Julien

    Duncan, I just happened to come aroscs your website and I've been blown away with your images of India. I don't tend to comment on blog images but your work here is incredible. The vibrancy of the colours, emotion, content and composition wish i could produce work half as good as this ! Cheers, David

  5. Comment by Loni Loni

    Beth - How wonderful!! There is NO doubt she has your arittsic talent! Tell her that we all LOVE it! That one should be framed! Maybe she could do one for her Auntie Beth!!

  6. Comment by Chris Chris

    Paula Simon - OMG!!!! That is the cutest<a href="http://lypfpd.com"> ltilte</a> face!!! I just want to kiss it!!! You guys did a good job, I am proud of you. You made if over the hump! Now comes the fun!!!

  7. Comment by Amr Amr

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  8. Comment by Steven Steven

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  9. Comment by Dora Dora

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