are the Chinese producers

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are the Chinese producers

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are the Chinese producers


  1. Comment by Deva Deva

    I tip my hat to you I tip my hat to you. I'm very very impress with your Mandarin. I have been very ieenrtsted in learning a second language. I have a friend from China. He been teaching me some words. I find it difficult understanding some of the words. You have inspired me. I live in Detroit, let me know when you are conducting another class.Thank you

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  4. Comment by Sammy Sammy

    @unnuaqAgreed. Actually, this was a good instance where I could prtacice listening, because the speech is so basic and slow, and its all the type of questions/answers I'm familiar with (or going to be asked) anyway.

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  9. Comment by Suraj Suraj

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  11. Comment by Raissa Raissa

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