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*READ FIRTST!!* *PLZ WATCH IN A HIGH QUALITY* www.youtube.com Merry Christmas! Here' my gift to u all!^^ My project since the premiere of this movie! Kung Fu Panda's trailer using footage from Koei (Funny!!!) Including my own Kung Fu Panda's soundtrack mix, n the original trailer audio mix. U may see the (fake) poster of this "Kung Fu Xu Zhu" also :D Honor : 26/12/08 #48 - Most Viewed (Today) - Film & Animation - New Zealand --------------------------------------- Casting : Master Shifu (Cao Cao) Master Monkey (Hideyoshi) Master Crane (Mitsuhide)- Look at those feathres! Master Mantis (Ling Tong) Master Viper (Nouhime) Master Tigress (Sun Shang Xiang) Po (Xu Zhu) YEAH! OUR STAR!! XD Mr.Ping (Dian Wei) Tai Lung (Lu Bu) RARWR! HE CAN FLY! Master Oogway (Zuo Ci) -Boy Band's Member- Cao Pi Yukimura Sanada Zhao Yun -Minor characters- Kunoichi Liu Bei Guan Yu --------------------------------------- Okayyyy let's see our peasant-lover playing Kung Fu here! And..is there a Gundam there? Oo Who is the dragon warriors??!! Someone! Stop that flying Lu Bu!! XD Wow! Cao2 got his own 'forces' in the past! I found Xu Zu n Cao2's conversation really matches!! And...look at our boy band's special appearances at the end LOL And thx to Prince Of Wei for making me the (fake) poster^^ ---------------------------------------- Song : Kung Fu Fighting - Jack Black Your Seed - HEY!SAY!JUMP (Japanese Kung Fu Panda OST) Kung Fu Fighting - Sam Conception --------------------------------------- Soo ...


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