Part 2/2

Video was posted on 29 Nov 2010 at 13:01PM

Part 2/2


  1. Comment by mohd mohd

    Thank you for sharing, This movie privodes some Anthropological history with actual Martial Arts'. Of course, there is sensationalism, but in understanding the ancients and their secret societies; Chi-Ki-Shakti Nadi are electro-magnetic energies that we can integrate with our bio-electro-magnetic energies, for which, the Ancient Tibetans knew? 10 s of thousands of years ago. Basically Applied Quantum Mechanics. Practice creates these energies to become like daggers and sledgehammers.

  2. Comment by Kenzie Kenzie

    Man if I ever go to a movie store, I will search for awoesme Martial Arts movies such as this. It's so awoesme to watch over and over again. After watching this movie; it made me want to practices Kung Fu and Ninjustu style. Thanks for? the upload MartialArtsFlix. This is indeed one of the best classic Martial Arts films that was ever made.

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  10. Comment by Shalu Shalu

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  11. Comment by Jorge Jorge

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