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Video was posted on 22 Nov 2010 at 09:09AM

This is on the 3 current multiplayer games in KFPW


  1. Comment by Mario Mario

    Thank you for sharing, This movie porivdes some Anthropological history with actual Martial Arts'. Of course, there is sensationalism, but in understanding the ancients and their secret societies; Chi-Ki-Shakti Nadi are electro-magnetic energies that we can integrate with our bio-electro-magnetic energies, for which, the Ancient Tibetans knew? 10 s of thousands of years ago. Basically Applied Quantum Mechanics. Practice creates these energies to become like daggers and sledgehammers.

  2. Comment by Mega Mega

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  9. Comment by Lav Lav

    Hi! I just love the images you put in here. They fit so well with what you're trinyg to say. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say. Good luck!

  10. Comment by Ajit Ajit

    Useful if you are planning a large wdnedig reception. Very useful if you can afford to hire a super talented DJ/MC and/or a band (as Chapter 7 will scare you away from any other option).However, for the intimate wdnedig or destination wdnedig , like the one I am planning, the book is not as helpful. With a budget of < $10K, only about 40 guests attending, 1 bridesmaid and 1 best man, and guests who would leave a reception rather than run the risk of being singled out to play a game or dance, I did not find a lot of useful tips in the book. On a positive note, there was one example in the book that included a wdnedig without dancing where they filled the time with games, instead (which wouldn't work for guests that are scared off by the threat of public humiliation). Plus, there were a couple of nice sentimental ideas such as the Unity Candle and the Anniversary Time Capsule, where the guests filled out advice cards to be placed into a metal container and opened on the couple's 25 wdnedig anniversary. But those ideas comprised about 3 pages of the book and many of the other suggestions needed an MC to execute.I still think you can have the best wdnedig reception ever! without having a large guest-list, large budget, dancing, games and an MC. Perhaps there are restaurants that specialize in this kind of thing? Perhaps providing icebreakers at the table? Perhaps, if the wdnedig is small, a large dining table that everyone sits at so everyone feels included? However, you won't find ideas for that kind of wdnedig in this book.My advice to you if you are not planning to have a DJ/MC or you have a quiet family is to either avoid the book altogether, or go to a bookstore and flip through it for the occasional sentimental idea to incorporate into your ceremony.

  11. Comment by Katy Katy

    that this is in October. October is past us. Or are you talking about this conmig October. Oh, my goodness you have plenty of time to plan this through. Pick a theme that your spouse and you like. Like if you like the jungle then have a jungle with a giant gorilla mannequin and some rolled up paper with hanging monkeys. Or maybe make it look like your favorite Taylor Swift video. You could recreate the Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone and yeah that sounds good. I'm gonna go eat bean soup. Anyway, it's hard to know what you want since you didn't really talk about what you like.

  12. Comment by Taeko Taeko

    lindycurtin on March 25, 2010 Brilliant! Great job but not the most enjoyable for some. My bfironeyd has to make a speech at a wedding next Sat and has subjected himself to solitary confinement in preparation. Wish he's seen this video earlier!

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